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Contact Form 7- How to Install, Setup, and Use in WordPress

Contact form 7 is without a doubt one of the most popular plugins for creating and managing forms in WordPress. It has helped over 5 million WordPress website owners stay in touch with their visitors.

One feature that makes Contact form 7 stand out from all other form plugins for WordPress is its remarkable simplicity. With it, you can easily set up your form fields, customize your form templates, and do a lot more.

Created by Takayuki Miyoshi, a seasoned WordPress plugin developer, Contact form 7 was meant to be beginner-friendly. However, some beginners complain about finding it difficult to build forms with the plugin. In fact, many experience trouble setting up the plugin properly.

In this article, we will be showing you how to set up contact forms in WordPress using the Contact Form 7 plugin.

Additionally, you will learn about the add-ons and plugins you can use to further enhance the functionality of Contact form 7.

We have made this guide very simple, so following through wouldn’t be a problem for you.

Why Contact form 7?

There are a host of other WordPress contact form plugins other than Contact Form 7. And you could use any of them to build forms on your WordPress website.

But Contact Form 7 is preferred by many because it is simple and it works.

In addition to simplicity and functionality, Contact Form 7 has several other features that easily makes it a good choice. Here are the top features:

Spam protection

If you don’t guard your website against spam messages, they can easily overwhelm you. Contact form 7 has a feature to prevent this.

Ease of customization

You sure would like your forms to pop. After all, nobody likes mediocrity. This plugin lets you customize your WordPress forms just the way you want.

It supports CAPTCHA

This is to keep automated messages generated by bots away from your site.

Lastly, you can get started for free.


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